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My Cabaret Debut With 2 Time Mac Award Winner Dana Lorge

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Most people wouldn’t want the reputation of being a two-timer, but for Dana Lorge it’s quite an honor. She’s a two time Mac award winner for 2012, and it’s only April! (LOL) By the end of the year that could multiply!!!

Dana Lorge, 2 time Mac Award Winner does a weekly show at Iguana every Wednesday!

Dana does a really fun variety show every Wednesday at a beautiful place called Iguana on West 54th Street, right near the theatre district in NYC.

As a matter of fact it’s directly around the corner from where David Letterman shoots his show for CBS. And the best part is that I had the honor of being part of it!

Another Mac Award winner, my old friend Joan Jaffe vouched for my comedic capabilities, and Dana added me to her show. I guess one Mac Award winner feels safe trusting another!

Dana Lorge and Joan Jaffe, a couple of multiple Mac winners at Iguana for Dana's show!

It was billed as a “Variety” show, and I was lucky enough to be “the variety” cause I was the only comic, … which is just the way I like it! (LOL)

Joan is currently starring in her own show called Man-ha-ha-ha-Tan, coming to “Don’t Tell Mama” on West 46th Street, on May 6th at 7:30. Joan is a real talent and mixes her own brand of comedy with some very funny comedy songs. It’s a real treat to hear her, so I hope you’ll all join me there on May 6th.

Joan Jaffe mid-performance in Dana Lorge's show at Iguana! What great hair she has! (LOL)

Dana is a spitfire and just before I went onstage I caught her doing an incredibly energetic version of “The Pony” a dance from a while back which only those in great shape can do, if you’re over 35. All she needed was white boots and a cage and I would have thought I was back in the 70′s again!

I can see why she won two Mac awards, not only for her talent, but also for the energy she puts out to her audience. They love her!

Dana was so relieved to see I was funny, we spontaneously started dancing! There wasn't even any music at the time! (LOL)

The show was just one great singer after the next and the audience was first rate, and very upscale. I have to say my comedy went over well, and I had what you might call ” a killer set”! LOL I think I finally found my niche! Just in case you doubt me, I’m attaching the set for you to listen to, so you can see for yourselves!

Here’s the link:


One of the treats of the evening for me, among the many I had, was getting to hear Gary Russo, the construction worker, who spends his time building the 2nd Avenue subway, and who draws crowds during lunch hour with his Sinatra renditions. His You Tube video got over a million hits, and since I had read about him in the paper recently, when they announced who he was I was looking forward to hearing him and introducing myself. ( Not at the same time! I was planning on waiting till he was finished singing! LOL)

Gary Russo, singer/construction worker/You Tube phenom, singing Sinatra at The Iguana!

He was really great! What a gift he has, and before I could approach him, he was nice enough to come and say hello to me. We may even be doing something fun together coming up soon! More on that to come!

Jeffrey Gurian of Comedy Matters TV with You Tube singing sensation Gary Russo at Iguana!

In the meantime, I guess I did well enough that Dana invited me back on her show for Wed. May 2nd, so come out and support! Hope to see you all there!

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