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Laugh Out Loud With Comedian Dustin Chafin at NYC’s Broadway Comedy Club

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

New York Times says, “Chafin gets laughs every time.”

Comic Strip Live says, “Dustin’s odd voice and style make him stand out in a sea of boring comics.”

Cringe Humor says, “Not your run of the mill blue collar comic. He fearlessly – and hilariously – tackles the issues such as race, religion, stereotypes and politics.”

Comedian Dustin Chafin makes waves in the industry with his outrageous comedic performances and unique sense of humor. Broadway Comedy Club brings the comic to the stage on a weekly basis for good reason…he is hilarious! You can catch Chafin at the NYC comedy club on Friday, February 8that 10 PM.

Dubbed a cowboy and Indian, the comedian quickly won over audiences with his intensity. After spending time as a missionary for many years, Chafin developed a love and appreciation for people and their experiences. He followed this new found passion straight to NYC where he culminated his experiences with people and their voices into stand-up comedy.

Since first taking the stage, Chafin has been featured in the New York Underground Comedy Festival and honored by The Bill Hicks Tribute Show at the Laugh Factory. The comedian is a regular headliner at many premier NYC comedy clubs, including Broadway Comedy Club. You can also catch him on Sirius and XM Satellite Radio. Chafin brought down the house on Showtime’s White Boyz in the Hood and was featured on ABC’s special coverage of the New York Comedy Festival. His work as a writer, producer, and comedian has helped Dustin Chafin to land a household name in the comedic industry.

Catch comedian Dustin Chafin on stage at NYC’s Broadway Comedy Club! Tickets are $25 with a 2 drink minimum and can be picked up at the Box Office on show night.

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